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Net ZERO Water Consumption

I am the only candidate for Boulder City council that has a plan for our future.

More to come on my Net ZERO water consumption plan!

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Where I Stand on Boulder City Issues


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Boulder City Review Candidate Questions

Cokie had an opportunity to discuss her views with the readers of the Boulder City Review on Tract 350, the proposed annexation by Henderson, and our current dog leash law.

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Shane Patton Memorial Statue


“However horrible the incidents of war may be, the soldier who is called upon to offer and to give his life for his country is the noblest development of mankind.” -- Douglas MacArthur

How can we place ourselves before an individual that gave his life so we may enjoy the life and liberty we have?  I am 100% in support of the placement of the Shane Patton statue in Wilbur Park.  Let it stand as a reminder during all events of many great citizens that have graced our community and have died for our freedom.


Lady of the Year

April 28, 2022: (Hali Bernstein Saylor/Boulder City Review) Members of Beta Sigma Phi sorority recognized Cokie Booth, center, as their Community Lady of the Year during their annual Founder’s Day celebration Monday, April 25. Presenting the award were Judy Vogel, left, and Julie Boyster, right, president of the organization’s city council who was also named Sorority Lady of the Year.