Experience Can Make A Difference

Committed to the Residents of Boulder City

For the past 36 years I have been committed to the residents of Boulder City through my community involvement and public service. I am ready to take office day 1.

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"I will bring my knowledge and experience of ordinances, the City Charter, meeting procedures, and state laws to the City Council with a focus on the unity of all citizens."

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4 out of 5 of the last elected officials to take office had no prior experience.


I earned my expertise during 21 years of combined public service doing the work. There is a value to the voters, the City Council, businesses, and ALL residents including those who fall under the American with Disabilities Act. I will represent ALL members of our great and historic town, our Growth Ordinance, City Charter, and advocate historic preservation in accordance with ADA.

Respected and Trusted By Boulder City Residents

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36 year resident and an active community member with a passion for our historic town.  I have the experience, expertise, and I am ready day 1.

I 100% Support our Growth Ordinance and City Charter

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I am passionate about our historic town and traditions.  I do not want that to change.  This is also an example of why experience and expertise is greatly needed on the City Council. The governing authority of the Growth Ordinance is provided by the City Charter which clearly states any land sales greater than 1 acre must be approved by the voters of Boulder City.  They should know that and take leadership to inform their supporters. 

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“Life is about living through your heart.  The value of my life does not reside in my accomplishments. It resides in lifting up another person, who you make better, providing quiet donations, participating in the community, and giving back.”