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Boulder City Review Candidate Questions

April 27, 2022


Boulder City Review

Candidate Questions

Do you feel the pending sale of Tract 350, and the 177 homes that are proposed to be built on that parcel, follows in the spirit of the city's controlled growth ordinance? What is your opinion of the proposed 5,000-square-foot lot size?


  • I am against the proposed duplexes without any amenities such as a park for children, as stated by the developer, do not fulfill the requirement of city ordinances, and undermine the zoning process including public hearings, Zoning Committee recommendations to the city council, and reduces trust of citizens in local government through the lack of transparency.

  • As a Planning Commissioner, I approved, our current city ordinance that requires a minimum lot size of 7,000 – 15,000 sqft. This was the original approved position of the Zoning Committee, with community input, that equated to 122 houses for continuity of existing properties and retention of property values. Currently the majority of the property is zoned for R10 (10,000 sgft), R15 (15,000 sqft.) with a small portion of R7 (7,000 sgft lots).

  • The current housing market shortage is ripe for profit taking by investors looking to turn the property for a quick profit or use the property as rentals thereby eliminating any chance of affordable housing.

  • Our current Mayor states that affordable housing might not exist anywhere in the US (April 2022, Candidate Interview podcast with Roger Gros). That was the main goal of the development as presented to the public in 2020/2021 by the city council. The goal of affordable housing is not achievable as stated in 2020 and 2021.

  • The high-density housing project, as proposed, does not conform to our standard zoning or make sense. This current proposed project does not conform to the slow-growth ordinance or the historic charm of our community.

How do you feel about the city of Henderson’s proposal to annex land in the Eldorado Valley, and what do you believe should be done about it?


The city council elected/appointed in 2020 knew the City of Henderson was actively engaged in the process of annexation from Clark County and did nothing to stop it. We are too late to intervene without costly litigation challenging the City of Henderson and Clark County where the city will be unlikely to prevail.

Regarding animals in Boulder City, what do you think of the existing leash law? Does it need to be changed? If so, how? Does the city have a sufficient dog park? If not, what alternative(s) can be provided to pet owners?


Surrounding communities have designated areas within city parks for off leash exercise and socialization. Without designated areas, the current leash law is effective. An alternative could be morning and night hours dog owners could use the parks off leash.